CAAC Sport Pilot License

Gyrocopter License Syllabus

Phase 1 Basic Flying

Ex 1aAir Experience Flight
Ex 1bEffects of controls
Ex 1cStartup, Taxi and Shutdown
Ex 1dBasic Flying Consolidation

Phase 2 Upper Air Work

Ex 2aFly a straight track at constant altitude
Ex 2bIncrease and decrease speed at constant altitude
Ex 2cMedium turns at constant altitude
Ex 2dClimb and descend – straight
Ex 2eClimb and descend whilst turning
Ex 2fFly the circuit pattern
Ex 2gUpper Air Work Consolidation

Phase 3 Rotor Management, take offs and landings

Ex 3aRotor management
Ex 3bTake-offs
Ex 3cLandings
Ex 3dHops
Ex 3eCircuit Consolidation

Phase 4 Emergencies

Ex 4aEngine failures to touchdown at the airfield
Ex 4bEngine failure in the circuit, unable to reach the airfield
Ex 4cEngine failure on take off
Ex 4dEmergencies
Ex 4eRecognising and recovery from unusual attitudes

Phase 5 Solo Flying

Ex 5aPresolo – check
Ex 5bFirst solo
Ex 5cSolo consolidation

Phase 6 Advanced Flying

Ex 6aAdvanced take offs
Ex 6bAdvanced Landings
Ex 6cSlow Flight
Ex 6dFast Flight
Ex 6eZero airspeed descents
Ex 6fAdvanced Turns
Ex 6gLow flying
Ex 6hAdvanced Rotor Management

Phase 7 Cross country flying

Ex 7aJoin the circuit at unfamiliar airfields
Ex 7bPrecautionary Field landings
Ex 7cEmergency field landing
Ex 7eQualifying Cross country

Phase 8 General flying test

Ex 8aPre-flight test check
Ex 8bGeneral Flying Test

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Course Fees: CNY 98,000. + Optional 10 hours Intensive Europe Navigation Training CNY 35,000. (incl. Return Air Ticket, Accommodation, Instructor, Fuel, Aircraft and Insurance)
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