About Us

Hong Kong Macau General Aviation Company Limited (HKMGA), incorporated in 2003, it is our vision to promote aviation-related activities, especially in Southern China. We understand the attraction of pleasure flying, the safety concerns in small aircraft operations as well as the legal aspects of aviation in China and Hong Kong. We also understand how people would expect from a service provider like us.

 Zhu YongZhong
Zhu YongZhong
Principal/ Chief Instructor
AVIC Flight Academy

Cheney Chan
Chief Instructor
Guangdong XiangFei Aviation
Oliver So
Director of Flight Operation, Gyrocopter
Chief Instructor, Flight Examiner
Shenzhen Kings Hawk Aviation Services
 Shen Jian
Shen Jian
Chief Instructor
Zhongshan Eagle General Aviation

Sunnie Tse
Helicopter Instructor
 Siegmar Sprenger
Siegmar Sprenger
Chief Instructor/ Director
Flugschule Sprenger Germany
Anne Hannings
Chief Instructor EASA
Johannes Dangel
Airline Pilot Boeing 777
Human Factor Senior Instructor

We believe that a lot of people, like us, love flying, and wish to feel the freedom of exploring the airspace over the land below. If you are one of them then you definitely would like to learn to fly in China, and you would definitely find us your best choice.

And if you are not ready to commit to a full-scale flight training course, but just like to experience the controls of a real aircraft in flight (under the supervision of a qualified instructor, of course), or see the scenarios from a bird’s eye view, then our service is again tailored for you.

We also know that you may just want to have a swift, private, flexible and enjoyable trip to travel from one town to another. Then soon we would be able to provide that to you too.

We believe that the more you walk through our website, the more you will be tempted to try our service.

Denis Law

Our CEO Mr. Denis Law has gained lots of experience and established a sizable network in the General Aviation Field in China through these years. We are so glad to have invited the aviation elites as our Honorary Advisor.