Sport Pilot License

The Sport Pilot certificate is the first, quickest and least expensive license you can earn. It allows you to fly a variety of airplanes on fair weather days with a friend or family member. Adding more privileges is as simple as flying with an instructor. You’ll have great utility with your license or step up to a Private license.

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Course Fees: 
CAAC Recreational Pilot License CNY 88,000. 
+ optional Europe Navigation Training for 10 hours, special pirce at CNY32,500. (Incl. Air Ticket, Accommodation, Aircraft, Instructor, fuel, Insurance and Landings) 
Total: CNY 120,500. 

• Be at least 17 years old • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English/ Chinese language • Pass a required knowledge test • Pass a required oral and practical flight test administered by a designated examiner • Hold either a student or sport pilot certificate. • Meet the following experience requirements: • 30 hours of flight time (15 hours of flight training, 3 hours of solo time, 2 hours of cross country > 25NM) • Limitations and restrictions (without additional endorsement): • May not carry more than one passenger. • May not fly to an airport further than 50 nm from the departure point. • May not fly in Class B, C, D airspace or to any controlled airport. • May not fly an aircraft that has more than four seats, a tailwheel, more than one engine, or more than 180 hp. • May not fly aircraft falling under the definition of a complex airplane, with retractable gear, adjustable flaps and variable-pitch propeller. • May not fly between sunset and sunrise. • May not fly above 10,000 ft MSL or 2,000 ft AGL (whichever is higher) • If pilot has logged less than 400 hours and has not acted as pilot in command within 180 days, a flight review is required prior to any flight without an instructor.

No Written Exam required