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You need courage to takeoff whilst require knowledge to land


An Instrument Rating is a rating that is added to a Private Pilot or Commercial PilotLicense and refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly underInstrument Flight Rules or IFR.

Course Content:


  1. Introduction to Instrument flight

  2. Instrument Scanning Techniques

  3. The Instruments

  4. Straight and Level Flight

  5. The Straight Climb and Descent

  6. Turning

  7. Unusual Attitudes

  8. Normal Instrument Flight on a Partial Panel

  9. Suggested Training Maneuvers

  10. Radar

  11. The NDB adn ADF

  12. VOR

  13. Instrument Landing System (ILS)

  14. Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

  15. Area Bavigation (RNAV)

  16. Global Positioning System (GPS)

  17. Wind, Air Masses and Fronts

  18. Visibility

  19. Clouds

  20. Icing

  21. Thunderstorms

  22. High Level Meteorology

  23. Weather Reports and Forecasts

  24. Regulations Important to the Instrument Pilot 

  25. Preparation for Flight

  26. Instrument Departures

  27. En Routes

  28. Holding Patterns, Procedure Turns and DME Arcs

  29. Instrument Approaches

  30. Visual Maneuvering

Course Duration: 20  sessions

Session Duration: 3 hours


Course Fee: CNY6500. 

*Lecture schedule to be confirmed by Students